Saturday, 26 May 2012

Branding - GAH!

So I'm looking at branding for the moment. It's a pain, I can't afford to outsource this even though it's not my forté, so I should really! But I'm a poor student so I'm struggling onwards.

I'm looking for a killa strapline that isn't cheesy. Those of you who don't know me personally may be a little surprised by this - I do cheesy VERY well, so it's been tough! Here's some stuff I've thrown away so far:

Your passion is our fashion - this one actually made me through up a bit in my mouth, I was not aware there was a level of cheese in the universe that could make me do that! ;)

Etre Meilleur - French for Be Better ok but a bit posey

Aaaaaaaah Fashion! - but I thought as I'd already stolen the name of the company from Gok, this might be going a leetle bit too far

You'll never put a better bit of fashion on your kife - the bus to reality street has left the terminal and you missed it

When the going get's tough, the tough get fashion - desperation sets in

Feel the fashion - then sleazy 70's music slides in afterwards

Fashion this - I imagined a big fist with fashion this written on it, hey, I'm desperate!

Don't live a little, live a fashion - I swear at this point I was getting delusional!

It could be because I'm rubbish at this kind of thing - I am. But, I'm going with the fact I've been up since 0400 this morning due to bird song and heat. I'm British I'm not made for sunny weather and whoever thinks bird song is lovely can come and listen to the cacophony outside my bedroom window and be woken up by it!

Anyhoo the contenders are:

Great Fashion. Great Times - conjures up those lovely days of summer when your off out with your friends having stupid amounts of fun, but can I really guarantee great times?


You've always got time for fashion - although that doesn't really strike me as fantastic

I've decided to go with:

Where do you want your fashion to take you to today?

Which doesn't make me retch and is pretty much the best I've come up with - faint praise that this is. It is, however, much better than freelance fashion designer which is the alternative.

If you've got anything you think would work leave a comment.

As usual, if you follow my blog, I'll follow  your's.

Mwah mwah


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