Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cat's, clothes and other stuff

I don't like cats very much - I'm sure yours is perfectly adorable! - they make me itch, sneeze and break out in hives. However I love Nyan cat, it's stupid and makes me laugh like a drain! Try this and see if it makes you smile, she poops rainbows what's not to love?
It's nice when you get pleasure from small things ;)

I have crushes - lots of them, some of them I can even blog about and, should I ever be drunk in charge of a blog, I might actually blog my guilty pleasures of which there are many. Hugh Jackman however, is NOT a guilty pleasure, he's just pleasure through and through and he's on Back on Broadway. Should anyone take pity on me this Xmas and want to pay for me to go to New York, could you throw a few tickets in for his show? Well, if you don't ask you don't get!

I know you had a tiny hoo moment looking at him, don't lie!

Somebody tweeted me this video - I'm sorry I can't remember who now! - and it brought the 80's flooding back. Hip hop, NYC, graffiti, and break dancing things the 80's should be proud of!

Over the next few blogs I shall be doing a retrospective so here's my fav advert of the year - and I LOATHE adverts!
Mwah mwah!


Quick plug and Christmas

My friend Damon Clewes has been selected to write some articles for Business Boom Bolton check it out it promises to be v interesting, I'm not just saying that because he's my friend, I love his point of view and can't wait to see what he brings regarding menswear!

Christmas, it looms before us, what are you up to for Xmas this year? I have to admit to not being a fan of the Christmas thing, my birthday is just before Xmas and it makes me slightly resentful to be honest. Now we have The Cub I shall, of course, be making a huge fuss over Christmas and hiding any ishooos I have with it. After all, it isn't Christmas' fault when I was born! This year mother-in-law (henceforth to be referred to as MIL) and her partner will be coming to us as sister-in-law (SIL) will be with her new husband and his children for the first time in ages. This year Christmas will be coming out of boxes and packets because I'm giving myself a break - it wasn't my turn and it was dropped on me at the last minute! Next year we will spend Xmas, just the 3 of us and shall be eating anything we want! If The Cub gets his way it will probably be sausages and pasta. I look forward to next Xmas a lot :)

Thinking of Xmas made me think of fashion - nearly everything does! - and Christmas jumpers, why? We don't buy these hideous things any other time of year. So I thought I'd go and look for a Christmas jumper I actually liked - well it gives you something to do when the insomnia strikes.

Ralph Lauren, yes I kid you not, Ralph Lauren did an Xmas jumper:
And fetching it is too, my fav bit is the snowflake slap bang in the middle under the v neck. Yum!

Ugly Christmas Sweater are running with the theme and elevating this item of clothing (I can't actually bring myself to call it fashion!) to an art form. It's sooooo ugly it's cute!
I'm loving this one with the tumbling snowmen, it's lack of taste knows no bounds!

The fact that people I LIKE such as Philip Lim produce things like this:
Have me doubting myself, maybe I'm just a grinch?

Then I found this guy online, Andrew Salomone who's taking the Xmas sweater and doing something really creative.
This photo was taken from Creative Review which I can heartily recommend for all you creative types. Back to the sweater, if you're anywhere near the KK Outlet 42 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB and fancy buying me an Xmas jumper I'll take one of these! Oh dear, I think I've been converted to a Christmas jumper lover!

Those of you who really know me in real life know I'm a big old softy really. My favourite advert - even thought it still brings a tear to my eye! - is the John Lewis advert. I'll forgive the terrible Smiths cover version because I love the advert so much, here it is in all it's glory - if you cry don't say I didn't warn you!

If anybody knows what to buy and impossible man for Christmas who pretty much has everything he wants let me know in the comments.

If you're on Blogger please follow me and I'll rtf - consider it our Christmas gifts to each other!

Mwah mwah!


PS you may have noticed the background has changed - it's a dress I'm planning on making for final collection, look at me going all girly!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Xmas wishlist to a photographer

Or my crush on Perou just gets bigger you decide!

Dear Santa I'd like the following for Christmas please:

Perou to photograph:

Brian Blessed - would love to see an S&M photo session of The Blessed for the sheer comedy value ;)
Susan Sarandon
Johnny Depp - pref naked, Mr Depp not Perou I've seen WAY too much of him as it is ::uses mind bleach::
Clint Eastwood
Bruce Willis
Olivia Wilde
Ed Harris
James Marsters
Robert De Niro
Uma Thurman
Hugh Jackman
Meryl Streep
Kate Beckinsale - I absolutely would!
Frances Conroy
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Tom Hanks
Robin Williams
Alan Rickman
Lucy Liu
Tim Curry
Robert Downey Jr
Kathy Bates
Rachel Weisz
Michael Sheen - that thought gave me a small hoo! moment
Miranda Richardson
Jena Malone
Hector Elizondo
Ryan Renolds
Heather Matarazzo
James Gandolfini
Amanda Seyfried
Alexis Bledel
Nathan Fillion

Yes, there's a lot of eye candy in there but I hope they all look interesting - see that Mr Perou, my wish list for 2012!

Mwah mwah


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Having isshooos

Drawing this as a flat!

And still trying to come down from meeting a huge influence and all round nice guy, more about that after my deadline on Thursday I promise!

Any help drawing this bad boy as a flat greatly appreciated.

Mwah! Mwah!


Friday, 11 November 2011

It's been a while coming

this post, I've been writing it for ages and have been sooooo busy I haven't managed to post it so here it is, aren't you lucky ;)

Starting off this blog with a totally unrelated to fashion. Mumsnet have started a campaign, regarding miscarriage care. I've never had a miscarriage and can't imagine what it's like to actually go through, I did have some bleeding at the begining of my pregnancy with The Cub so I've seen the lower slopes of the emotional mountain that having a miscarriage must be and I whole heartedly endorse this campaign and hope you will as well.

Mumsnet Miscarriage Campaign

Remember Christian Siriano from the last blog? Here's Taylor Swift wearing one of his gowns in an ad for perfume. I heart the fluffy bits around the dress. And yes, fluffy bits IS the technical term for them actually ;)

YouTube Link

In honour of Halloween or Samhain if you happen to be a Pagan.
Dogs in costumes.
Not passing comment on people dressing up dogs - it's why they eat us when we die - I just love the dog in the Borat costume :)

You may have noticed I'm a Project Runway (PR) fan so here's a rundown of the finale.

Fav quote:

Josh: Pull it TOgether!

Loved Kimberley's collection, it was a little more downtown than my aesthetic. My collection is more uptown living with downtown roots so I was going to like it. I agree with Tim Gunn (quelle surprise) about the styling, it totally made sense but then the judges are the judges not me!

I love Josh, his work looked a little bit disjointed, like it was for 2 different markets, one woman who lives uptown and one who lives in Queens. Sorry Josh, you know I love you but, I'f you'd taken the 2 halves of the collection you'd have had 2 parts of a brand offering. The younger print pieces reminded me of Betsey Johnson. I like the 2 collections though.

Viktor's work this season has been consistent and good. I LOVED the pleated leather mini and embelished vest but the patterned pieces remind me of Rorsach tests, imnsho you should have stuck with the harder edged pieces and left the print. I know that sets me against what everyone else said but hey, I'm a rebel and I'm good at it. 

Anya pretty much produced a line that was very much what she had produced all season. If you love the Miami look then you'll love here collection. I think that Uli Herzner did it all much better. I know I'm really commercial in my outlook but outside of hot places who's going to wear that? I think she has only one note.

If I was judging I'd have chosen Josh for winner and Viktor for runner up, I think it's because Viktor is closest to me aesthetic wise and I chose Josh for the slightly mad prints.

Things I will be stealing borrowing being inspired by:

Offset zips at the back from Kimberley
The chain back from Josh

Things that really made me angry - the extra money! No other set of contestants have EVER had the opportunity to tweak a collection with $500 at Mood and 2 days before the runway. This gave them all a huge advantage on past contestants and really wasn't fair. 


SPOILER ALERT! If you'd rather watch for yourself then skip the next paragraph.

Anya won? I see the judges are still suffering a hangover from last season or maybe it was the fact Micheal Kors was watching whilst wearing sunglasses. Really? A collection of kaftans? 8 necklines exactly the same? The  more I watch PR the less I think I should ever go on it. I agree with the fabulous Tim Gunn nearly all the time and I disagree with the judges a lot - what does that say about me?


Onto PR Accesories and PR All Stars. I'm warning you now I've been drinking the Mondo Kool Aid since season 8 of PR and I'm posting my colours now for him to win!

Mwah mwah


Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes

I've been busy busy since the last blog.

I finally started my sketchbook samples of which can be found here:

As you can see there is still much work to do, 3d stuff needs to be added but Illustrator and I are still EXCELLENT friends ;) A lecturer actually said they liked it which in a first in Project Runway erm, I mean my history ;)

The contextual studies brief was launched I can either do a 3000 word essay on anything fashiony (did you like my made up word?) OR I can do a 3500 word written report which looks like a hybrid of a market report, editorial and research for a business plan. 
I'm torn. The essay is for those of us taking the academic pathway, i.e. topping up to a full degree and the report is for those who are thinking of going into employment/their own business. As I want a full degree and will probably start my own business at the same time I have NO IDEA which to go with. I'm pretty good at written reports - I've completed enough of them I should be! - but that won't help with going to uni. Will figure this out as I go, any comments to push me on one direction or another will be welcome!

My fellow students have launched some blogs - take a look at them NOBODY is doing anything anyone else is doing, we are a diverse group:

From what I've seen of her work she's going for an avant garde look - should be v exciting on the runway.
Mikey, is straight and single, ladies btw ;) He's VERY indie inspired and this should be a very exciting journey as I love the indie :) He's a great artist and this shows through in his work. He also sits next to me.
Is possibly the most focused and organised person I've ever come across. She's very inspired by bridal wear so if you're in the market for a bridal gown keep an eye on her work which I'm sure will be stunning!
Leonie is using a lot of appliqué in her sketchbook, I've been teaching myself how to do hand embroidery so I'm really interested in the techniques she's been using with machine work.
Ex-hairdresser and funny guy, he sits next to me as well. I'm a thorn between 2 roses ;) His pov is gowns and evening wear and it is always interesting. As with Mikey he's also a fabulous artist! We are both huge Project Runway fans, although I'm routing for Anthony Ryan for fan favourite and I'm pretty sure he wants Josh to win.

It's a widely known fact I'm a HUGE Project Runway fan, I'm an even bigger Tim Gunn fan - he's awesome and I won't have a word said against him :)
I've started following Chloe Dao's blog. Chloe Dao is a season 2 Project Runway contestant. She's creating a collection in 4 weeks from start to finish so it will be interesting to see that unfold. I like the blog as it is written in a friendly way which includes the reader in her process, I'm not a huge lover of her work but it's good to see the creative process unfold and think, one day that might be me! I like what she did with her mood board and will consider it as something I may include in my portfolio work.

Can we say yum much? I love, love, love this. It's SO NYC and echo's what I'm thinking of for my collection. Oh to be thin enough to do a Versace dress justice.

It is a badly kept secret that I have a crush on Perou, not only is he witty and intelligent, so are his pictures. 
He's a fab contempory photographer and I urge you to check out not only his website but also this ad for Focus on Imaging

Review the s/s 2012 Louis Vuitton collection 
Ok, so this isn't going to get me any kind of invite to a Louis Vuitton collection any time soon. First let me start by saying I LOVE Marc Jacobs, I do, I love the femininity and tailoring. I do not love this collection, I know the press love it but I don't. Take this for example:

She is THIN her BMI must be heading towards underweight and this makes her look massive! Who wants to wear something that makes you look like your hips don't stop?
It's not camel toe but then it isn't flattering either. What on earth are those shorts supposed to be? It looks like she's going through gender reassignment! This is an RTW (Ready To Wear) collection so the clothes should be worn by people. I know of no female who would want a bulge in that area. Have to say I love the top though, a bit WASPIE but I still love it, reminds me of Pringle jumpers from the 80's.

I really like some bits of the collection, the leather biker jacket would look amazing with jeans or black trousers. 
If this wasn't an RTW collection I'd have loved it, but it's meant to be worn by people not models. Not that models aren't people but they do have a unique body shape. I know it's Louis Vuitton and most of this collection won't make it to production but still, you'd think they would have tried to make it a little wearable. Why not do an avant garde collection and forget the RTW? Emperor's New Clothes anyone?

Yet another Project Runway first, erm, I mean Project Runway fav of mine Christian Siriano has launched a limited addition pump (that's American for shoe btw). I'm hoping by the time this gets posted on Sunday there will still be some left! As an online friend of mine who's doing a fashion course would say - LUSH!

On a completely non fashion but related to my stuff/topic for collection, this BBC report is totally cool.

As ever comments are welcome and if you follow me I'll RTF.

Mwah mwah


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Fashion Faux Pas???

A friend sent me this link is it wrong that I like the following?

Picture 5:
As it's cute and fun and bff's can really skip along together wearing it!

Picture 7

Think of all the funky things you could add to the bar like a tv screen or robot arms to apply your make up. And I'm digging the clogs to!

Picture 11

I'm LOVE the shoulder details ;)

Picture 18

For some reason the idea of walking round with tiny animals makes me smile.

Picture 25

Perfect for those bad hair/face days and because it's flowers it will smell pretty too!

Picture 34

Now if only you could do this with a pair of flats you'd always be able to walk to the taxi rank from the club in comfort ;)

Peruse the rest and make your mind up - maybe I like them because I'm fashion dahlink.

Mwah mwah


Friday, 30 September 2011

Sketchbooks, projects and high heels

Well admitedly not so much the high heels, as this tired 'fashionista' is built for comfort not speed now! ;)

I actually planned out my sketchbook, not so much that it's set in stone, but enough so that I know what I'm doing, where I'm going, with MY pov and narrowed down research so it should look like a cohesive whole. And my lecturers thought that would never happen!

I'm currently planning my year with my own mini deadlines so I hit my actual deadlines with enough time to work on the feedback.

You can see the floor in my work room for the first time since June last year cos I cleaned it.

So this should be a doddle now. I'll just sit with my feet up shall I? Erm, no, that would be lovely but I want 2 complete outfits by Christmas break (which will just leave 4 to go after that!)

I am looking for the following though:

A photographer for next year
Models for next year for both fashion shoot and catwalk

If you know anyone who fancies giving this a go then post a comment or tweet me.

So, this week I've been up between 0300 and 0500 4 times. It isn't The Cub as he's sleeping through (yes, I know how lucky I am and yes, it could all change in a heartbeat!) If anyone finds my lost sleeping pattern could you let me know?

Having fun on the mental plane.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Catch up from the summer

Spent the summer researching and researching.
Visiting art galleries.
Playing with The Cub.
Getting to grips with Illustrator and Photoshop - which I would marry if they were a person!

Fashion show went ok, wasn't that happy with the finish on my garments, but people, it's been a HUGE learning curve for this tired momma over the last 12 months.

I passed the first year without any resits which is fantastic and didn't do to badly.

My models did a brilliant job walking the catwalk and rocking out - will post some pictures when I get time (you know those 3 minutes a day I use to use as sleep!)

All our summer briefs except conceptual studies have been launched and they are HUGE. Imagine the biggest thing ever then double it and you aren't even close. Forget expansion of the universe, tis nothing compared to these briefs (not the Bridget Jones kind ;)

You'll be extactic to know I'll be doing this on a regular basis now so I'm going to ask your forgiveness now for my inane ramblings.



Friday, 17 June 2011


Ok so today is my last fitting day (only 2 models this time) other model fitted fine, she is right on the edge of being too thin for me and I have ishooos with the models who are toooooo thin.
We shall see what today will bring, my shorts are menswear going on a woman, there is a line that crosses from over sized to clown but I'd rather they were too big on her - which shouldn't be an issue.


Friday, 3 June 2011

New Beginnings

In more ways than one.

First a bit about me - I'm SURE you're dying to know ;)

I'm 42, mother to a 2 year old monster, sorry I mean little boy otherwise known as The Cub. Partner to OMM (who's ginger for those that have to know!)

I'm currently studying Fashion at Foundation Degree Level at Mid-Cheshire College.

I have obviously decided to live my life backwards going to college and having a child when most people are hoping/looking forward to their leaving the nest!

Part of my course next year is blogging so I'm starting early here what was that I heard a resounding cheer?

I'll bring you up to date on my life.

In a similar manner to Bill Hicks I was born screaming - but I was born in Cornwall not America.
My parents moved 'up the line' before I was one so I have a pronounced north west accent, having a mother from the south west means I can't say some words properly such as water and boy which if said on their own not only sounds broad kernish but makes you look fairly odd, something of which I'm good at.
I went to school, had an ordinary education.
Left school went to college
Left college went to uni for a year had to come home. The story of which is tragic and I won't bore you with it.
Went to India to 'find myself' (if I EVER go back in time I shall slap myself for being so precious) and there I was all the time, quelle surprise.
Came back couldn't stand the parents went round the Greek islands.
Came back got a job as a waitress
Ended up running the company I shall write a book one day about it but it will have to be fiction as NOBODY would believe me if I wrote it as the truth.
Married the owner
Caught him in bed with somebody else
Left the owner
Had many Jo jobs in many industries as wide ranging as logistics to construction.
Took a course on how to make skirts, having completed many mad courses such as basic poultry keeping.
Saw a course on corsetry
Did course got hooked.
Took the City and Guilds in corsetry
Carried on with my life making corsets as a hobby. What the DON'T tell you about making corsets are all the interesting people you meet with 'interesting hobbies.
By now I'm working for a bank - think eagle and don't hate me.
I get pregnant which trust me was not planned, however, there is very little else to do in Cornwall when you're camping and it's raining. At least I shall always be able to point to the exact spot The Cub was conceived. I should imagine that will make him cringe quite satisfactorily when he is older - I'm evil it's a gift.
You may find this next section TMI if so scroll through you won't miss much.
Waters break with The Cub 5 weeks early - so nothing is ready - and he's born.
Traumatic time in hospital due to incompetence, I would heartily urge people not to have a child in Leighton Hospital as very little has changed despite my 10 page letter of complaint.
Go on mat leave.
Take voluntary redundancy.
Go on degree course as I'm heartily sick of there being nothing for The Cub to wear that isn't plastered in slogans or blue/beige and my brains threaten to run out of my ears from being a SAHM. Huge amounts of respect going out to the SAHM's who can do it - you are better women than I!
And here we are writing a blog, that's all nice and cyclical then.

Now I've got all the me me me stuff out of the way I shall let you know what I want to do with the blog and how I intend to do it.

Be afraid, be VERY afraid!