Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes

I've been busy busy since the last blog.

I finally started my sketchbook samples of which can be found here:

As you can see there is still much work to do, 3d stuff needs to be added but Illustrator and I are still EXCELLENT friends ;) A lecturer actually said they liked it which in a first in Project Runway erm, I mean my history ;)

The contextual studies brief was launched I can either do a 3000 word essay on anything fashiony (did you like my made up word?) OR I can do a 3500 word written report which looks like a hybrid of a market report, editorial and research for a business plan. 
I'm torn. The essay is for those of us taking the academic pathway, i.e. topping up to a full degree and the report is for those who are thinking of going into employment/their own business. As I want a full degree and will probably start my own business at the same time I have NO IDEA which to go with. I'm pretty good at written reports - I've completed enough of them I should be! - but that won't help with going to uni. Will figure this out as I go, any comments to push me on one direction or another will be welcome!

My fellow students have launched some blogs - take a look at them NOBODY is doing anything anyone else is doing, we are a diverse group:

From what I've seen of her work she's going for an avant garde look - should be v exciting on the runway.
Mikey, is straight and single, ladies btw ;) He's VERY indie inspired and this should be a very exciting journey as I love the indie :) He's a great artist and this shows through in his work. He also sits next to me.
Is possibly the most focused and organised person I've ever come across. She's very inspired by bridal wear so if you're in the market for a bridal gown keep an eye on her work which I'm sure will be stunning!
Leonie is using a lot of appliqué in her sketchbook, I've been teaching myself how to do hand embroidery so I'm really interested in the techniques she's been using with machine work.
Ex-hairdresser and funny guy, he sits next to me as well. I'm a thorn between 2 roses ;) His pov is gowns and evening wear and it is always interesting. As with Mikey he's also a fabulous artist! We are both huge Project Runway fans, although I'm routing for Anthony Ryan for fan favourite and I'm pretty sure he wants Josh to win.

It's a widely known fact I'm a HUGE Project Runway fan, I'm an even bigger Tim Gunn fan - he's awesome and I won't have a word said against him :)
I've started following Chloe Dao's blog. Chloe Dao is a season 2 Project Runway contestant. She's creating a collection in 4 weeks from start to finish so it will be interesting to see that unfold. I like the blog as it is written in a friendly way which includes the reader in her process, I'm not a huge lover of her work but it's good to see the creative process unfold and think, one day that might be me! I like what she did with her mood board and will consider it as something I may include in my portfolio work.

Can we say yum much? I love, love, love this. It's SO NYC and echo's what I'm thinking of for my collection. Oh to be thin enough to do a Versace dress justice.

It is a badly kept secret that I have a crush on Perou, not only is he witty and intelligent, so are his pictures. 
He's a fab contempory photographer and I urge you to check out not only his website but also this ad for Focus on Imaging

Review the s/s 2012 Louis Vuitton collection 
Ok, so this isn't going to get me any kind of invite to a Louis Vuitton collection any time soon. First let me start by saying I LOVE Marc Jacobs, I do, I love the femininity and tailoring. I do not love this collection, I know the press love it but I don't. Take this for example:

She is THIN her BMI must be heading towards underweight and this makes her look massive! Who wants to wear something that makes you look like your hips don't stop?
It's not camel toe but then it isn't flattering either. What on earth are those shorts supposed to be? It looks like she's going through gender reassignment! This is an RTW (Ready To Wear) collection so the clothes should be worn by people. I know of no female who would want a bulge in that area. Have to say I love the top though, a bit WASPIE but I still love it, reminds me of Pringle jumpers from the 80's.

I really like some bits of the collection, the leather biker jacket would look amazing with jeans or black trousers. 
If this wasn't an RTW collection I'd have loved it, but it's meant to be worn by people not models. Not that models aren't people but they do have a unique body shape. I know it's Louis Vuitton and most of this collection won't make it to production but still, you'd think they would have tried to make it a little wearable. Why not do an avant garde collection and forget the RTW? Emperor's New Clothes anyone?

Yet another Project Runway first, erm, I mean Project Runway fav of mine Christian Siriano has launched a limited addition pump (that's American for shoe btw). I'm hoping by the time this gets posted on Sunday there will still be some left! As an online friend of mine who's doing a fashion course would say - LUSH!

On a completely non fashion but related to my stuff/topic for collection, this BBC report is totally cool.

As ever comments are welcome and if you follow me I'll RTF.

Mwah mwah


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