Friday, 11 November 2011

It's been a while coming

this post, I've been writing it for ages and have been sooooo busy I haven't managed to post it so here it is, aren't you lucky ;)

Starting off this blog with a totally unrelated to fashion. Mumsnet have started a campaign, regarding miscarriage care. I've never had a miscarriage and can't imagine what it's like to actually go through, I did have some bleeding at the begining of my pregnancy with The Cub so I've seen the lower slopes of the emotional mountain that having a miscarriage must be and I whole heartedly endorse this campaign and hope you will as well.

Mumsnet Miscarriage Campaign

Remember Christian Siriano from the last blog? Here's Taylor Swift wearing one of his gowns in an ad for perfume. I heart the fluffy bits around the dress. And yes, fluffy bits IS the technical term for them actually ;)

YouTube Link

In honour of Halloween or Samhain if you happen to be a Pagan.
Dogs in costumes.
Not passing comment on people dressing up dogs - it's why they eat us when we die - I just love the dog in the Borat costume :)

You may have noticed I'm a Project Runway (PR) fan so here's a rundown of the finale.

Fav quote:

Josh: Pull it TOgether!

Loved Kimberley's collection, it was a little more downtown than my aesthetic. My collection is more uptown living with downtown roots so I was going to like it. I agree with Tim Gunn (quelle surprise) about the styling, it totally made sense but then the judges are the judges not me!

I love Josh, his work looked a little bit disjointed, like it was for 2 different markets, one woman who lives uptown and one who lives in Queens. Sorry Josh, you know I love you but, I'f you'd taken the 2 halves of the collection you'd have had 2 parts of a brand offering. The younger print pieces reminded me of Betsey Johnson. I like the 2 collections though.

Viktor's work this season has been consistent and good. I LOVED the pleated leather mini and embelished vest but the patterned pieces remind me of Rorsach tests, imnsho you should have stuck with the harder edged pieces and left the print. I know that sets me against what everyone else said but hey, I'm a rebel and I'm good at it. 

Anya pretty much produced a line that was very much what she had produced all season. If you love the Miami look then you'll love here collection. I think that Uli Herzner did it all much better. I know I'm really commercial in my outlook but outside of hot places who's going to wear that? I think she has only one note.

If I was judging I'd have chosen Josh for winner and Viktor for runner up, I think it's because Viktor is closest to me aesthetic wise and I chose Josh for the slightly mad prints.

Things I will be stealing borrowing being inspired by:

Offset zips at the back from Kimberley
The chain back from Josh

Things that really made me angry - the extra money! No other set of contestants have EVER had the opportunity to tweak a collection with $500 at Mood and 2 days before the runway. This gave them all a huge advantage on past contestants and really wasn't fair. 


SPOILER ALERT! If you'd rather watch for yourself then skip the next paragraph.

Anya won? I see the judges are still suffering a hangover from last season or maybe it was the fact Micheal Kors was watching whilst wearing sunglasses. Really? A collection of kaftans? 8 necklines exactly the same? The  more I watch PR the less I think I should ever go on it. I agree with the fabulous Tim Gunn nearly all the time and I disagree with the judges a lot - what does that say about me?


Onto PR Accesories and PR All Stars. I'm warning you now I've been drinking the Mondo Kool Aid since season 8 of PR and I'm posting my colours now for him to win!

Mwah mwah


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