Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cat's, clothes and other stuff

I don't like cats very much - I'm sure yours is perfectly adorable! - they make me itch, sneeze and break out in hives. However I love Nyan cat, it's stupid and makes me laugh like a drain! Try this and see if it makes you smile, she poops rainbows what's not to love?
It's nice when you get pleasure from small things ;)

I have crushes - lots of them, some of them I can even blog about and, should I ever be drunk in charge of a blog, I might actually blog my guilty pleasures of which there are many. Hugh Jackman however, is NOT a guilty pleasure, he's just pleasure through and through and he's on Back on Broadway. Should anyone take pity on me this Xmas and want to pay for me to go to New York, could you throw a few tickets in for his show? Well, if you don't ask you don't get!

I know you had a tiny hoo moment looking at him, don't lie!

Somebody tweeted me this video - I'm sorry I can't remember who now! - and it brought the 80's flooding back. Hip hop, NYC, graffiti, and break dancing things the 80's should be proud of!

Over the next few blogs I shall be doing a retrospective so here's my fav advert of the year - and I LOATHE adverts!
Mwah mwah!


Quick plug and Christmas

My friend Damon Clewes has been selected to write some articles for Business Boom Bolton check it out it promises to be v interesting, I'm not just saying that because he's my friend, I love his point of view and can't wait to see what he brings regarding menswear!

Christmas, it looms before us, what are you up to for Xmas this year? I have to admit to not being a fan of the Christmas thing, my birthday is just before Xmas and it makes me slightly resentful to be honest. Now we have The Cub I shall, of course, be making a huge fuss over Christmas and hiding any ishooos I have with it. After all, it isn't Christmas' fault when I was born! This year mother-in-law (henceforth to be referred to as MIL) and her partner will be coming to us as sister-in-law (SIL) will be with her new husband and his children for the first time in ages. This year Christmas will be coming out of boxes and packets because I'm giving myself a break - it wasn't my turn and it was dropped on me at the last minute! Next year we will spend Xmas, just the 3 of us and shall be eating anything we want! If The Cub gets his way it will probably be sausages and pasta. I look forward to next Xmas a lot :)

Thinking of Xmas made me think of fashion - nearly everything does! - and Christmas jumpers, why? We don't buy these hideous things any other time of year. So I thought I'd go and look for a Christmas jumper I actually liked - well it gives you something to do when the insomnia strikes.

Ralph Lauren, yes I kid you not, Ralph Lauren did an Xmas jumper:
And fetching it is too, my fav bit is the snowflake slap bang in the middle under the v neck. Yum!

Ugly Christmas Sweater are running with the theme and elevating this item of clothing (I can't actually bring myself to call it fashion!) to an art form. It's sooooo ugly it's cute!
I'm loving this one with the tumbling snowmen, it's lack of taste knows no bounds!

The fact that people I LIKE such as Philip Lim produce things like this:
Have me doubting myself, maybe I'm just a grinch?

Then I found this guy online, Andrew Salomone who's taking the Xmas sweater and doing something really creative.
This photo was taken from Creative Review which I can heartily recommend for all you creative types. Back to the sweater, if you're anywhere near the KK Outlet 42 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB and fancy buying me an Xmas jumper I'll take one of these! Oh dear, I think I've been converted to a Christmas jumper lover!

Those of you who really know me in real life know I'm a big old softy really. My favourite advert - even thought it still brings a tear to my eye! - is the John Lewis advert. I'll forgive the terrible Smiths cover version because I love the advert so much, here it is in all it's glory - if you cry don't say I didn't warn you!

If anybody knows what to buy and impossible man for Christmas who pretty much has everything he wants let me know in the comments.

If you're on Blogger please follow me and I'll rtf - consider it our Christmas gifts to each other!

Mwah mwah!


PS you may have noticed the background has changed - it's a dress I'm planning on making for final collection, look at me going all girly!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Xmas wishlist to a photographer

Or my crush on Perou just gets bigger you decide!

Dear Santa I'd like the following for Christmas please:

Perou to photograph:

Brian Blessed - would love to see an S&M photo session of The Blessed for the sheer comedy value ;)
Susan Sarandon
Johnny Depp - pref naked, Mr Depp not Perou I've seen WAY too much of him as it is ::uses mind bleach::
Clint Eastwood
Bruce Willis
Olivia Wilde
Ed Harris
James Marsters
Robert De Niro
Uma Thurman
Hugh Jackman
Meryl Streep
Kate Beckinsale - I absolutely would!
Frances Conroy
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Tom Hanks
Robin Williams
Alan Rickman
Lucy Liu
Tim Curry
Robert Downey Jr
Kathy Bates
Rachel Weisz
Michael Sheen - that thought gave me a small hoo! moment
Miranda Richardson
Jena Malone
Hector Elizondo
Ryan Renolds
Heather Matarazzo
James Gandolfini
Amanda Seyfried
Alexis Bledel
Nathan Fillion

Yes, there's a lot of eye candy in there but I hope they all look interesting - see that Mr Perou, my wish list for 2012!

Mwah mwah


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Having isshooos

Drawing this as a flat!

And still trying to come down from meeting a huge influence and all round nice guy, more about that after my deadline on Thursday I promise!

Any help drawing this bad boy as a flat greatly appreciated.

Mwah! Mwah!