Friday, 30 September 2011

Sketchbooks, projects and high heels

Well admitedly not so much the high heels, as this tired 'fashionista' is built for comfort not speed now! ;)

I actually planned out my sketchbook, not so much that it's set in stone, but enough so that I know what I'm doing, where I'm going, with MY pov and narrowed down research so it should look like a cohesive whole. And my lecturers thought that would never happen!

I'm currently planning my year with my own mini deadlines so I hit my actual deadlines with enough time to work on the feedback.

You can see the floor in my work room for the first time since June last year cos I cleaned it.

So this should be a doddle now. I'll just sit with my feet up shall I? Erm, no, that would be lovely but I want 2 complete outfits by Christmas break (which will just leave 4 to go after that!)

I am looking for the following though:

A photographer for next year
Models for next year for both fashion shoot and catwalk

If you know anyone who fancies giving this a go then post a comment or tweet me.

So, this week I've been up between 0300 and 0500 4 times. It isn't The Cub as he's sleeping through (yes, I know how lucky I am and yes, it could all change in a heartbeat!) If anyone finds my lost sleeping pattern could you let me know?

Having fun on the mental plane.


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