Saturday, 26 May 2012

Photoshoot Pl Hair

Again  with the whole not an actual plan thing cos it keeps falling apart - I thought models were supposed to be flakes NOT photographers!

The model I’m using has a definite hairstyle that you really can’t do very much with:

I’ve looked at hair in general, I do not like the mermaid hair over one shoulder look favoured by so many on the red carpet:

Frieda Pinto in Prada

Brooke Shields in J Mendel
There is of course an exception to every rule and this is it:

Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe (Lowe in a Jexika gown)
The catwalk trends for A/W 2012/13 were:

Side parting Anne Klein A/W 2012/13

Low Ponytail Ralph Lauren A/W 2012/13

Straight hair DKNY A/W 2012/13

Messy hair Joseph Altuzarra A/W 2012/13

Dip dyed hair Jean Paul Gautier A/W 2012/13 – also seen in reverse at other shows

Retro hair Lemoniez A/W 2012/13
I like sleek but not severe, the side parting and a low ponytail. I like them because they are simple to achieve and can be altered to fit any models hair. So that’s what I’d be going with if my model Jess didn’t have such distinctive hair – I mean how fabulous and fierce is she, why mess about with that????

Mwah mwah!


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