Friday, 13 January 2012

Random stuff and me me me!

Hello all, did you miss me?

I missed you!

First off, a link to another blog site Tom & Lorenzo, they are fabulous and opinionated - says so right there in the header! - they also make me laugh harder than any other fashion bloggers out there. They are responsible for many laugh out loud moments when I should have been doing something at college. Go follow them on Facebook and Twitter, tell them I sent you!

Quick fashion round up

A friend sent me the link to this site QooQoo, they are based in Latvia (great fashion knows no boundaries!) I think the stockings are stupidly cool. I can see many cool kids wearing them and looking fabulous in a way that only people under the age of 25 can! I would most definitely have worn these when younger.

Florence Welch leaving Radio 1
Designer Unknown
Flo! I LOVE you, you are fabulous and this generations Stevie Nicks. You have no idea how pleased I am that you aren't wearing some uber serious brand like Chanel or Dior (I love both btw) and dressing far beyond your years. You don't know how much I've prayed for you to wear something new, young, quirky, vintage and flirty, but Flo THIS IS NOT IT. This, is your designer raiding their mothers old 70's curtains and churning out a shapeless suit with 80's trousers! Remember this Flo?
Designer Unknown but probably vintage
Remember being all quirky and ethereal whilst rocking walking boots? I'd like that Flo back now pleassssseeeeeeee!

Film round up

I've been watching a lot of films recently, when I say watching I mean they've been on in the background whilst I've been working for college or playing with The Cub (age appropriate natch!). Here are a few of my favourites:

The Big Lebowski - I know loving this film makes me not really a girl as females apparently don't get or like this film but I think it's AWESOME. It's not my go to movie when I want cheering up, that comes later in the list, but, if I'm happy then this will make me even happier have had to use a link as unable to embed this particular video but it's YouTube if you're worried and not child or office friendly!

Parenthood - I love this film, I refuse to consider it a guilty pleasure, for me it's just pleasure. This film cheers me up from my darkest moods and I refuse to analyse why in case it ruins it for me. Again not child or office friendly but we're all adults and if you're at work you should be working and reading my blog of course!

The Green Lantern - ANY film with Ryan Renolds is going to be a feast for the eyes but I enjoyed this as he's really funny and got great timing - feel free to disagree, but you're wrong.
This is NOT a picture of Ryan Renolds!

And me me me!

I've been super busy over the last few weeks as I've been doing a report and writing a written proposal for college, the latter is done now and I'll be posting that over the weekend to give you and idea of what my collection is about. For now here's a taster of some of the images:

The Illustrator work is all mine!

Until the weekends dahlinks!

Mwah mwah!


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