Friday, 20 January 2012

Project Runway All Start ep 2

PR All Stars Ep 2 Quick round up of the catwalk!

Michael is repeating his whingeing this ep, you don't own the fucking colour red!

And now to the outfits - there was VERY little drama last week.

Kenley, bad remake of the 80's prom dress. Molly Ringwald did it better!

Rami darling 2 things, your skirt is horrid and makes her look big. Second the colour ALL wrong for your girls skin tone! You are SO much better than this - we get it you can do stuff that's not draping!

Gordana Gehlhausen, love the 20's feel, not keen on the panels or the fishing net on the top. It would have been more interesting to have had the netting extend the full length of the dress and ditched the V odd panels. Not loving not hating.

Mila Hermanovski average and expected - not to say it's bad but it's forgettable which is great if your girl is promoting something. She'll look awesome but the dress won't get in the way. I'd have been happier  if you'd done something unexpected with the accesories. And yes, my red gown for final collection is very expected but I'm not on bloody PR All Stars ;)

Sweet P darling your girl did not look like Cinderella unless she's pregnant and living in a double wide. The fabric is sweet and lovely and you could have done something really fantastic and unexpected but you didn't. The dress made me sad.

Mondo, I love you, you mexi pixi you, but really? BAD mother of the bride dress, this dress made me eat chocolate.

Jerell Scott, why? Why did you raid the soft furnishings from the 70's theme bar down the street? Why? She looks like a walking bloody sofa man! The skirt is in a really soft material and looks heavy. And breathe!

Kara Janx young and youthful she is NOT. You used sad curtain material and she looks like she should be in The Sound of Music. Oh, and the hem is uneven.

Anthony Williams there is a touch of the drag queen about this but I like it - betcha shocked aren't you! - I like the gloves but think if you're going to go with styling as strong as them you need to keep the rest of it hard. Her hair was too soft at the back and the shoes were average.

Austin Scarlett I love this dress. I could have lived without the black tulle tbh and think the bodice design would have worked on it's own if done in a flat metallic instead. You don't look at this dress and think that's a days work and you do with most of the others so far with the exception of Mondo and Kenley.

April Johnston lovely, wtf were you thinking? If your dye had worked it might have saved the dress but the dye is VERY bad and the dress isn't good enough for you to overlook it!

Michael Costello it's no big secret that I hate the whineyness of this person and wonder if he's in denial as he pings my gaydar quite a bit, but this dress is FABULOUS. I even like the feathers and I'm not a feathery person. Not loving the strap at the back, I get why it's there but I think the dress is enough without it.

And Sweet P is Auf'd for me it would be hard to choose which of the garments by Sweet P and Jerell I dislike the most. I'd like to say Jerell cos I love the P but I think they made the right decision.

I'd have been happy if either Michael or Austin had won based solely on the garments - that feels so good to say after the last few seasons of PR that we can judge based on design not drama! And Austin wins - yay!

I'm probably a little harsh - shall we blame my hormones or rather, this is all stars and my expectations are HIGH!

On a general note I'm LOVING the fact the judges are making sense and giving out constructive criticism and Joanna Coles is VERY good in Tim Gunn's role, but I am missing him.

Can ANYONE remember what the perfectly nice woman is called who's hosting this?

Having annoyed another group of designers I'm Auf!



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